Thank you.

I clocked fifty-seven hours of saved play time on my game file over the past two months. For me, a general rule of thumb is that every hour of cutscenes requires at least two hours of writing. The amount of time and energy I’ve spent on this blog can’t possibly be measured, but I can tell you all that every bit of effort I have put into this playthough has been so very worth it. I’ve gotten more out of this than I could ever have imagined. There’ve been good times and bad times, but I wouldn’t trade these past two months for anything.

Thank you so much to each and every one of my followers. You’re the ones who made this playthrough as rewarding as it has been. Every single like and reblog does, in the end, mean something to me.

There’s a certain group of people that simply can’t go without being mentioned. Without them, the last two months would not have happened as wonderfully as they did. These people directly contributed to the content of this blog, whether they know it or not. They’ve motivated me to keep going, and they’ve confronted me when I’m wrong. They’ve provided art, character insight, headcanon, commentary, and moral support. (Trust me, a great deal of moral support is needed to run this blog.) Words cannot express how grateful I am for these twelve people, because they made it happen.

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So what’s next for Livvy? I’ve decided to take a very brief hiatus from playthroughs. I’ll still be lurking here, of course: answering questions, posting fanart, wrapping things up in general. Here’s what I’ll be doing in the meantime:

  • I’m going to be something of a temporary correspondent for Fuck Yeah Final Fantasy Music, a great blog that’s run by one of my good friends. I’ll be providing insight into some of the series’ music… most likely with a heavy emphasis on XII.
  • I want to put some effort into not one but two XII fanfics I’ve been drafting for the past week or so. One’s a pre-canon story of the Bunansa family; another is a what-if depicting what would have happened if Doctor Cid had survived the Pharos. I’m even debating creating a Livejournal just so I have a convenient place to post everything.
  • Putting so much effort into this blog has really kept me from roleplaying as often as I would like. I roleplay both Gabranth and Doctor Cid, and I’m looking to revive my Celes account as well.

If you’re sad about saying goodbye to Ivalice, don’t be! The next playthrough will be Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings!

Thank you all so, so very much.