I spy

I spy


important photoset

Song: Noel's Theme [Vocal]
Artist: Rosie (theatrhythm.tumblr.com)
Played: 319 times


I swear to god this is the last time I’ll sing Noel’s theme, I just got too excited because I can finally record my voice in Reason! I’m still a total amateur with the program but I’m! So!!!! EXCITED!!! !!!!!!  !!!! !!!!!!!!! (Headphones make it nicer I think, so please use those if you can for a nice)

The instrumental wonder is courtesy of guitar magister Daisuke Minamizawa of the Final Fantasy Solo Guitar Albums.

Valhalla is calling me to the end,
I can hear now the beating hearts of lost friends.




But what has Thancred done to even be remotely worthy of hardworking, dedicated Higiri? Because getting upstaged by Merlwyb in 2.2 is the only thing that’s really coming to mind.

Ah, yes. Sharing secrets about kobolds, conveniently away from everyone else.


I haven’t drawn Auron since…2011? And I gotta say this was a treat to get the chance to draw him. I REALLY loved the palette that was picked because my mind immediately went straight to the pyreflies. It’s a calming palette that I think really suits Auron.

He can’t protect. He only destroys.