patch 2.35 more like touch the booty

Thoughts about Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. (I’m sorry if this doesn’t make much sense; I’m still thinking things over and I’ve also had a few drinks.)

  • I feel like if Sakaguchi and Square(soft) hadn’t been aiming for a mainstream hit film, then they could have achieved something really spectacular. But the way the plot was presented throughout the movie just didn’t work. As Molly said halfway through, Square needed a good thirty hours to tell the story they’d envisioned.
  • That said, it is visually beautiful. Even compared to cutscenes in today’s Final Fantasy games, the graphics are gorgeous.
  • Molly was complaining about how Spirits Within is basically VII, which is true. But it also reminded me a lot of IX, especially in terms of the concept of Gaia retaining people’s memories and experiences.
  • Aki Ross is excellent, although her love story is painful and undeniably feels shoehorned. She has her moments that really stood out to me, such as the scene where she’s recounting her interaction with the seven-year-old girl on her deathbed, but her relationship with Gray often needlessly took precedence in certain situations and that was such a disappointment.
  • I feel as though if James Woods General Hein (I did love the reference in his name) were a villain in an actual Final Fantasy game and were given the development and the means to make logical decisions that affected the plot on a bigger scale, he would easily be one of my favorite antagonists.
  • People often cite IX or X as the “end of an era” of Final Fantasy, but I’m now of the opinion that Spirits Within is worthy of that title instead. Not only did it nearly bankrupt Squaresoft and reaffirm Sakaguchi’s decision to leave the company, it also really epitomizes the spirit of so many of the first nine games in a remarkable way.

All in all, despite its glaring faults in storytelling, I enjoyed the experience! If nothing else, it was fun to watch.

Watching this movie for the first time ever. With Molly.


Certain emotes have been adjusted as follows:
Your character’s height in relation to that of your target will now be used to determine how the emote is executed when used to interact with other targets. As of patch 2.35, the Poke, Pet, and Hand Over emotes have been affected by this change.
Please note, however, that emote adjustments will not be made when sitting, mounted, or when no target is selected.
read: you will lean down to poke, pet, and hand things to lalafells

At last.


Some of the highlights:

Ixal beast tribe quests have been added.

Regular mark bills have been adjusted as follows:

  • Regular mark bills that awarded 1 allied seal will now award 4 allied seals upon completion.
  • Regular mark bills that awarded 2 allied seals will now award 10 allied seals upon completion.

Elite mark bills, as well as rank B elite marks, have been adjusted as follows:

  • The respawn time of rank B elite marks has been changed to five seconds.
  • The HP of rank B elite marks has been reduced so that they can be defeated by a single player.
  • In conjunction with the above HP reduction, the minimum contribution required to complete elite mark bills has been lowered.
  • Rank B elite marks have been changed from aggressive to passive.
  • Rank B elite marks will no longer yield rewards upon defeat.
  • * Upon defeating a rank B elite mark, players will only receive the reward granted by the elite mark bill in their possession.
  • In conjunction with the above change, the number of Allied Seals awarded by elite mark bills has been increased from 20 to 50 seals.
  • All players will now be assigned a different weekly elite mark.
Players can now form an alliance prior to undertaking the Labyrinth of the Ancients or Syrcus Tower.

New emotes have been added.

  • Pet (/pet)
  • Hand Over (/handover)
To increase the availability of magicked stable brooms, the following adjustments have been made:
  • The recipe for magicked stable broom has been adjusted as follows:
When placed on estate grounds, the Junkmonger NPC will now sell magicked stable brooms for 20,000 gil.
Free company members can now be discharged even if they have purchased private chambers or have stabled a chocobo.
Players can now feed stabled chocobos snacks.
  • The option Feed my chocobo has been added to the Chocobo Stable interface under Tend to My Chocobo. By selecting this option, players can feed their chocobo any of the following fruits:

Xelphatol Apple / Doman Pum / Mamook Pear / Valfruit / O’Ghomoro Berries / Cieldalaes Pineapple

  • Once fed, a chocobo’s plumage will change in six hours (Earth time).
  • * The chocobo’s plumage will change color depending on the fruit it was fed.
  • * After the chocobo’s plumage changes color, feeding it a Han lemon will restore their plumage to their original yellow hue. Unlike other fruits, the chocobo’s plumage will change immediately upon inspecting the chocobo stable a second time.
  • * No change will occur if chocobos are removed from the stable prematurely. It is recommended to feed them during times when the chocobo can be left stabled for extended periods, such as prior to logging out for the day.
A Skywatcher NPC is now available in every major region.
  • By speaking with a skywatcher, he or she will inform you of current weather conditions for all regions, as well as forecasts for the next eight, sixteen, and twenty-four hours.

An update to hunt rewards. Praise Hydaelyn.

Thirteen days until Lightning returns… to Eorzea.

(Illustrator: Maehiro Kazutoyo.)

Eight days!

Messing around in GIMP.

Song: To Zanarkand [Vocal]
Artist: Rosie [theatrhythm]
Played: 366 times


It’s been a real long time since I posted a song, so I shat out a lyrical theme of To Zanarkand from FFX and pissed all over it. A combo #1 and #2 slurry. Man I spent so much time readjusting to recording with my mixer again that I can’t even be sure if what I’m listening to is normal anymore but I hope it’s better than I think because NOTHING IS REAL TO ME. Listen with headphones maybe? (;*´Д`)ノ

Guitar accompaniment from the masterful Daisuke Minamizawa’s FF Guitar Collections. 


Listen to the voices calling out your name
Tread upon the paths never known, ever strange
Follow in the footsteps of guardians evermore
Wade with me into these shores

Dreams and fears lie within each prayer,
Wielding hope to fight despair
Surely this long night could bring the dawn
Sing with me, we will carry on


FFT AI breaks the game

adalheidis and I were trying out the rendezvous missions today (trying, hence the unprepared party members) when the Lucavi mission decided to completely break the game.

After a terrible beginning, only two of our party members were left, doomed. Apparently the AI doesn’t attack doomed characters and prefers to watch them die on their own (note how all the enemies gathered on one side of the battlefield, lining up there to watch the show.) No problem until here - just that Zalera decided to constantly ‘stop’ these characters, which, apparently, also stops the doom counter.

The resulting problem can be seen in the video.

After ~20 minutes we resetted our PSPs because absolutely nothing could get the AI out of its game break loop.

Tragically beautiful.