The party say goodbye to Besaid, believing it will be the last time that Yuna ever sees her home. Tidus is, as always, blissfully unaware.


The more I look at this screenshot the more I like it.  Also featuring Izzy in her lovely spring dress, and Zehel being Zehel.

This is what happens when you attack the flan with the wrong element during Lulu’s tutorial sequence.

Battle tutorials, featuring Wakka and Lulu!

The next step is to guide Kuplo Kopp through the Shroud, taking down the enemies that are determined to kill him. The goal is to defeat the enemies as quickly as possible, and trying to pull hate doesn’t always work. Still, not the worst challenge I’ve ever had as a tank. (Think Wanderer’s Palace with impatient bards.)

Some of Kupla Kopp’s fellow moogles - members of the Mogglesguard - have a thing or two to say about his involvement with the people of Gridania.

Kan-E wins the award for having the best office space ever.

Kuplo Kopp has come to Gridania to beg for aid. The primal threat in Gridania is revealed to be Good King Moggle Mog XII, a moogle hero of legend to whom the moogles have prayed with a large amount of crystals.

Kuplo Kopp here explains the history (or myth; none are entirely certain which) behind Good King Moggle Mog XII, and the leaders of Gridania discuss a plan of action.