Molly and I don’t know what to think about this bit of dialogue. The implication here is that these are Reeve’s parents, since there’s a hopping miniature of Cait Sith in the corner and Cait Sith’s theme is playing as Cloud looks through the door.

But that doesn’t explain why Reeve would put his parents in a love hotel in the middle of the slums. I don’t know too much about Reeve, but Molly’s adamant that he wouldn’t show such disrespect and carelessness toward his own parents.

Originally there was supposed to be much, much more content in the Honey Bee Inn, but most of it was cut for the final game. Maybe this is just a relic of some bigger character point that was eventually scrapped.

I’ve heard a few people make the comment that this is President Shinra dressed up as the king in the Honey Bee Inn, but that doesn’t seem to be right now that I’m reading through this dialogue again. If anything, it’s the president of another company - it doesn’t make sense for President Shinra to go on a “business trip” to Midgar when his headquarters are already situated there to begin with.



Many of the players of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn have taken part in their own virtual Pride Parade following the decision by Square Enix to finally allow gay marriage as part of the game.

During E3 and the Patch 2.4 announcement, it was revealed that not only would their be two new classes coming to Eorzea, but it would be made possible for two characters to marry regardless of race or gender. Naoki Yoshida, the game’s Producer had only one thing to say about it: "Why should there be restrictions on who pledges their love or friendship to each other? And so we decided to go this way.

It was the Rough Trade Gaming Community on the Gilgamesh server who hosted the event, and have created a YouTube video to go with it. The video shows the players marching in a long rainbow line! Each character dressed in a different colour and standing with players of the same colour! Baby chocobos and other little minions follow along too! Green flans and Cactuars plod along in the green section, and fiery bombs light the way as darkness sets in. The whole thing is so wonderfully orchestrated and heart warming!

"Rough Trade Gaming Community (the world’s largest LGBT guild) wanted to provide a video of thanks. We also want to remember Erotes, one of our own players who was tragically murdered in the Calgary stabbings a month before this video took place. Even when tragedy affects our community, there’s still a reason to keep on marchin"

"Pixel Pride" was held in remembrance of their friend, and also as a celebration for the decision to allow same-sex marriage. I suspect that Eorzea will be a very happy place for a long time to come following this decision. It seems like something so small, but it obviously means so much to the citizens of Eorzea!

this deserves to be on both my blogs

A theory regarding early-game Cloud's attitude toward women: I always thought it may have been a case of what was originally intended to be an aspect of Zack's personality. I mean aside from a couple of flashbacks later we only get a tiny idea of what Zack was like in the original game, so it may be that between the development of 7 and CC he was retconned from a being a bit of an insensitive idiot into the happy, hyper-friendly dude we all know from CC. Or maybe I'm reading too far into things.

That’s possible! I’m guessing you’re right in that a retcon might have been involved somewhere. The only thing I’m not so sure about is the original idea for Zack’s personality. We really don’t see Cloud taking on many of Zack’s personality traits, even based on what little we see of Zack in VII. Mostly Cloud’s fixation with Zack revolves around the memories they shared, as opposed to things like character traits.

But it’s a good theory, anon, and I’ll keep it in mind as the plot progresses!

I mentioned a few days ago that I went to Kinokuniya and was tempted by every last bit of XIV merch they had. What I did not mention was that I did end up buying a roll of two XII posters, mostly just for the heck of it.

What was advertised was one poster of the Judges doing ~the walk~ and another of the main party’s official renders.


So I take the posters out of the tube and I realize I’ve gotten something completely different.

Instead I got one of my all-time favorite pieces of concept art in anything ever as a poster, and it is now hanging over my bed in horrible sticky-tack.


That one little exclamation from Aerith is one of my favorite moments in this entire game, I’m not even going to lie.

I’m home from vacation! This means that I’ll be getting back into XIV as soon as I can physically adjust to my work schedule again, and that Molly's excellent commentary for my VII speedthrough will now be much more scarce.

I’m still going to continue VII, though, because why not. I’ve gotten this far; might as well see it through to the end.

There’s still lots of stuff in the queue for the next couple of days, but I’ll try to add things here and there when I can!

Get wrecked.

Aerith forever keeping Cloud out of the loop is my favorite thing.

This poor woman.